By Janine Cameron, Learner Support Manager, PT National
on Wednesday, 20 January 2016
  • Fitness Industry
  • Learning


It was thought to believe that if you’re not straight out of school and not smaller than a size 10 then a career in the fitness industry is out of the question, but in the Hills we do things a little different!

We need to apologise to the mums of the ever growing Hills district -  women in their 30s & 40s.  PT National too held the misconception that our College will meet the needs of high school graduates, starting their careers, and wanting to enter the personal training market. However, Since our opening in December last year we have been welcomed by mums who hold a conviction that they are the ones that can really make a difference to the lives of others, not only amongst their own family and friends but also in promoting health and fitness within the community through other mum’s and their own children!

We recently had a promotional stand at Castle Towers and it was so rewarding to speak to locals about what our community needs and how there is a real need to learn about correct nutrition and safe exercise practices, not only for themselves as busy and dependable mum’s, but as they also worry about their children and obesity. 

On the flip side, mums worry about their children going to the gym, being too young and potentially hurting themselves through poor or no exercise advice.

With the Hills District as a region with absolute population growth the need to provide the region with authentic teaching and 21st Century learning tools is needed now more than ever. 

We believe our LIVE.LEARN.FITNESS® model supports this direction in private education.

We have discovered the following 10 reasons why women in their 30s & 40s are enrolling in our fitness courses:

  1. Learning how they can support their own families and extended family is important, including their aging parents (baby boomers generation) as they are becoming more in need of ongoing help and support
  2. They like the flexible online learning model allowing them to learn at their own pace around the demands of the family
  3. They like that our campus is local in Bella Vista (not only Parramatta or the city!) and they had the option to conduct their educator facilitated practicals face to face in a private setting – not in a class environment and the flexibility of time – especially if things crop up in their daily lives (sick kids, school development days etc…)
  4. They liked the idea of a 1x1 mentoring and support approach to learning seeing a lot of mums had not studied since school (20 years or more!)! Handholding is good!
  5. If working, they do not need to leave their job, they can study around their existing hours which will enable them to provide further for their families eventually
  6. Their partners are supporting them in wanting to study again and keep their minds active after taking time out to raise the younger family
  7. They have better business vision and are not risk takers! They have clear target markets in mind
  8. They will do anything for their kids even if it means studying again
  9. They have the life experience to do it RIGHT and MAKE a difference


So be it! Contact us today to talk with people that understand your life, understand the busy-ness and how we can best guide and support you to your next career, the career that will better mould your lifestyle and allow you to be the most positive role model to those “little ones” you’ve just spent years caring for!