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  • Tyre flip or box jump. Which would you prescribe first?
By Eric Said, Movement Specialist/PT National Educator
on Thursday, 15 October 2020
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Movement can be very simple, yet at the same time you can go down the rabbit hole and learn that it can be so complex at the same time.

So which sequence of movements would you instruct a client to perform consecutively? Tyre flip and box jump OR box jump and then tyre flip?

This question is very important to break down, which will then lead you into how best to formulate a training or session program for your clients.

It all comes down to injury prevention, what is happening at the lumbopelvic level and the strength continuum.


I educate clients daily about the importance of understanding the foundations behind the strength continuum for safe exercise. This is the rule book you must follow, a liking to the saying that you must crawl before you can walk.

The fundamentals before a client can tyre flip or box jump must be balance and stability, and in order to successfully demonstrate this they must have flexibility and mobility. This is key to safe movement practices.


The strength continuum refers to the four (4) core pillars of strength, and how absolute strength, strength speed, speed strength and absolute speed, interrelate to build each other.

As fitness professionals we need to understand how to effectively utilise all four pillars of the continuum in order to push our clients to reach their potential and achieve their desired goals.

It is only then can you ask a client to undergo the strength continuum and perform strength based exercises. With this in mind it is only then when the foundations of strength are obtained can a trainer then branch off and prescribe agility, endurance, speed, and power based exercises.

With this in mind we can  answer the question. The strength aspect of the tyre flip must come before the power and agility of the box jump. This will ensure safe exercising!


Author – Eric Said

Movement Specialist