By Eric Said – Director of Learning PT National
on Sunday, 15 November 2015
  • Personal Trainers

You may not even realise but there are three (3) personal trainers that exist in the fitness market.  In your lifetime you will seek the support of a PT or fitness professional, this article is designed to help you recognise the key features of PTs and assist you in deciding what to expect from your personal trainer and the level of expertise delivered.


Experiential & Comfort Driven:

Entry-level personal trainers on the market naturally program PT sessions based on learned experience.  This is what we call the comfort driven approach, as training sessions are designed from what is experienced from their own personal experience in the gym, and with familiar exercise equipment they have used before.  This form of personal training allows them to feel comfortable and confident simply because they have experienced it before.  This type of personal training tends to be equipment driven, as they use equipment to drive the PT session and help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Experimental driven

The next level personal trainer is a PT who moves beyond their comfort zone and implements training principles and exercise equipment for the benefit of the client.  It is when the personal trainer returns to the information gathered from the client’s pre-exercise screening questionnaire and fitness appraisals.  This level PT designs a training program that specifically meets your needs.  He or she is also willing to learn and widen their skills set within their PT toolbox and try new principles, and uses a range of equipment to do what is best for you, the client.


Expertise Driven:

Expertise driven personal trainers eventually evolve into PTs based on specificity and exercise integrity.  Over time this level of personal trainer truly understands what a particular exercise program or training principle can really do for you.  The expertise driven PT specialises in a particular area of fitness or health.  They are highly adaptive to the way you feel or what you have experienced prior to the training session.  Using specific fitness assessments they have conducted with you, they design long term training programs that create change, both physically in appearance and emotionally.

Equipment has minor importance to this level of PT as they can make a body weight push up seem like a 100kg bench press.  They bring confidence as you train in an agile setting with changing stimuli, which is specifically designed to support function.


Ask yourself, what Personal Trainer will you have in your lifetime?

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