By Adam Holding – PT National Learner Support
on Monday, 2 October 2017
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As fitness professionals we must be observant to the needs of the community that extend beyond gyms, fitness centres and bootcamps.


When you adopt the personal and professional mission of living a life of contribution you become observant of how exercise can build capacity and positively impact the lives of people from all sectors within the local community. #lifeofcontribution


PT National has initiated an All Abilities Enable Motion Program in conjunction with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), where our learners and graduates have the opportunity to work alongside our trainers to learn the skills required to train clients living with an intellectual disability.


We believe you need to be a specialist trainer to effectively communicate and enable clients living with a disability to perform correct movement patterns, assisting them with activities of daily living and to celebrate exercise.  Learners have the opportunity to learn how to spot clients safely and utilise tactility to challenge clients and achieve mindful exercise.


Our learners and graduates are keen to become active participants in the program, as they have recognised that they will become Australia’s Fitness Ambassadors® and the most proficient fitness leaders of tomorrow. 


However, the experience is challenging for our learners, as profound attention to detail is required through clear and precise instruction to ensure that movement patterns are performed correctly.  This must also be supported with continual coaching cues of motivation and affirmation within the 30 minute sessions.


Clients, their parents and carers love attending the training sessions.  Movement is celebrated and everyone visiting the College must participate in exercise using the resources available.  It is an opportunity to celebrate movement while the trainers attend to their son or daughter.

Our trainers and learners find the sessions rewarding beyond expectation.  Joy is experienced for all involved with positive social interaction and building independence through the medium of exercise. 


Music is an important component to the training sessions.  Clients can select their own music to motivate them that promote the opportunity to use movement to enhance coordination and express themselves artistically.


PT National’s aspiration is to continue to run the All Abilities Enable Motion Program within the Greater Western Region of Sydney and expand to community groups and schools. We will continue to empower our graduates of Australia’s Fitness Ambassadors® to use the learned knowledge to train people living with a disability and positively support families.


As an established fitness provider of health and Well-being, PT National has been able to promote exercise literacy and body awareness by educating participants of correct movement patterns in an enjoyable and safe environment in promoting happiness.


Our clients becoming confident in the expression of movement through mirroring techniques.  Furthermore, parents and carers have also identified the need to be empowered to encourage and teach movement confidently at home and school in between normal programmed training session times.



“Melanie is really enjoying coming to training. With her new active wear she has learned how to ride the stationary bike which is a first for her.  Zeljka and Eric have formed a great partnerships with Melanie, and I get to exercise as well.  Thankyou”.

Annette, Mother of Melanie (aged 15 years)


“It is truly a joy to watch our “special” ones getting the opportunity to try new things. I have never had the confidence before to enrol Matthew in any training sessions before.  To see him concentrating on Adam and Jake’s instructions and imitate their movements is inspiring.  These sessions are fast becoming a highlight of Matthew’s week.. and mine”

Jennifer, mother of Matthew (aged 16 years)


“Safe movement practice was paramount for this program to take effect within the banner of PT National. I am so pleased with the positive response of the parents observing in awe of their child’s development in an optimistic, vibrant and energetic setting celebrating the individuality of each participant as they move within their own ability.”

Eric Said - Director, PT National.


By Adam Holding - PT National Learner Support