By Eric Said - Leader of Learning
on Monday, 6 June 2016
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PT National had the pleasure to speak to Year 11 and 12 students at recent careers expos.  It has been four years since my Senior school teaching days and it was great to catch up with our youth to discover what interests them, future endeavours, as well as some of the challenges they face when choosing the right career pathway for them, and in many cases making their parents proud.

We discovered that a fitness qualification is very attractive to students for three (3) reasons namely:

Students continue to have such an inquisitive nature to learn more.  We prompted students with questions, problem-solving in nature, and moved them into the position of what it would feel like to become a fitness professional with clients that need their help.  We were consistently met with smiling faces and the students left feeling a sense of accomplishment when giving the correct answers in the presence of their peers.

  1. Becoming a fitness professional is a great study pathway to learn fitness principles, earn income, and work with people whilst studying health and sports science degrees
  2. A career as a personal trainer is a great way to earn income, maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle, and help people along the way
  3. Elite sports youth are attracted to an online fitness qualification to support the demands during training and competing, and learn for themselves principles of fitness.

Students love free stuff.  They were hunters and gatherers with the aim to obtain as many bags, pens, caps and stickers as possible. They displayed a competitive nature to win as we ran a competition to win prizes.  They simply wanted to outperform their friends.  But beyond the initial frenzy, students took time to speak to consultants and educators about courses and post high school study options.

Why is Fitness Important to You?Fitness Scholarship

It was rewarding to speak with Year coordinators, career advisors, students and their parents about our National Fitness Education Scholarship Scheme designed to give Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to start a career in fitness initiated before they finish their senior school year.  They realised that the time after the HSC and deciding what career pathway they may adopt is a great time to be studying a fitness qualification.  Please visit for further details on how to apply.

Students and parents travelled from all over the state with a clear understanding that they will endure a number of careers in their lifetime, and fitness was a drawcard for them. They recognised that fitness is here to stay no matter what the changes in technology and the desire to exercise to look good has no age or gender bias. 

Students and parents alike were intrigued with the vast range of career options available in today’s employment market and they simply need to think outside the box.  Students were very interested in correct training principles and ways to achieve results such as strength gains and muscular development.  Sportspeople understood the role of strength and conditioning specific to their sport to promote performance.

The energy amongst our youth is strong, they are excited about finishing their senior schooling and commencing their first of many career pathways.  Even though overwhelming for parents, students are clear that they will select study and career options that make them happy, keep them mentally stimulated and challenged, and they realise that a career in fitness supports all three!