By Eric Said, Wellness Ambassador
on Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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So what is your new Third Space?


Our commute to and from work, lunchtime training with your PT, or catching up with friends after work was the way we maintained our sanity to cope with the pressures of modern life. However, the lines of delineation between home and our work are now skewed with the rise of working from home arrangements.

Dr Adam Fraser, author of The Third Space; Using life’s little transitions to find balance and happiness highlights the need for our daily third space.  It considered the gap between what you are currently doing and what you are about to do.

In the past, we use to go to the local pub on the way home from work just like in the sitcom Cheers in the 80s and 90s, this was then replaced with a quick gym session to destress and get the endorphins pumping again, along with the commute home via Netflix.

So what is our new third space amidst the new norm of working from home arrangements? This should give confidence to people working within fitness, as personal trainers and fitness coaches both face-to-face and online will be a growth sector within Australia’s service industry. 

This time the focus of training sessions may lean more towards mobility, flexibility, and correcting postural asymmetry, with a side of chat and debrief to match.

What ever the future holds, we know for sure that exercise, fitness, and mental health is becoming increasingly our third space between home and work.


Author Eric Said

Wellness Ambassador