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By Dr Andre Machado, Hills Sports Chiropractic
on Sunday, 22 November 2015
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One of the best things about being a Sports Chiropractor is the network of health professionals that you meet and collaborate with on a daily basis. The approach to treatment has changed and will continue to do so with more research and communication between health professionals. There has been a shift in treatments from a static and isolated approach towards a dynamic and functional unit. 

The most exciting thing is the ability to co-manage a patient with various health practitioners and fitness professionals. For the past 2 years I have been referring and treating patients with the help of a fitness professional and it has added a new level of support and more importantly results.

The diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries is something that I take great pride in and will always continue to develop throughout my career. I believe that every professional has a scope in which they are the best of. As a sports chiropractor - my scope is the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries (particularly relating to sports). 

Almost every patient that receives treatment will require some form of rehabilitation - whether it is muscle coordination, proprioception, activation patterns or strength. Having a fitness professional that has great knowledge of prescription of exercise and the ability to see movement allows me to refer patients for ongoing care. At the end of the day we are all trying to improve MOVEMENT and FUNCTION.

The purpose of rehabilitation and exercise is to prolong the results of treatment, and more importantly to work towards a long term result from the injury. There has been a shift from treating injuries, to preventing them in the first place. For this reason - a relationship with a fitness professional is so important in that it EDUCATES you into how to MOVE better. 

Professional development is the way of the future and consistently expanding ideas and opening dialogue with fellow professionals is key to improve the health of patients. 

The FITNESS EMBASSY in Norwest Sydney is the perfect example of how the scope of practice is evolving. Combining treatments, rehabilitation, education and network of allied health makes it the complete solution for sporting injuries in a modern state of the art facility.