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By Author – Adam Holding PT National Learning Support
on Wednesday, 1 April 2020
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We recognise the hard work of medical and health care sectors for administering the treatment and management of disease, however, we need to also stand up and applaud the work of our fitness professionals who are doing all they can to maintain the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their community.

We are highly adaptable and resilient industry who were first hit by the closure of gyms, closely followed by group fitness classes or bootcamps. 

Now we have moved into a new era of delivering exercise prescription with the delivery of training at home amid COVID-19. 

For the majority of Australians and their families who are now working and studying from home it is imperative that you participate in 1 hour of daily moderate to vigorous physical activity to maintain good health1.

Encouraging children to be physically active every day during distance learning will now become a challenge, as they are confined to the dining table or bedroom desk setting that may extend for months.

To nurture well-being within our current climate and unprecedented time is vital. To achieve this, the home setting must nurture 4 key factors including:-

  1. Leadership, and
  2. Culture from the school community
  3. Positive environment
  4. Circulation and the body

The Federal government recognise that exercise is an integral part of our transition to home isolation and social distance laws that are now enforced. Exercise as Schedule 1 of our Public Health Act (COVID-19) Restrictions on Gathering and Movement – Order 2020 NSW) it stipulates that exercise is a reasonable excuse to leave the home.

Our children too, must be encouraged to sit less and to move more. This can be achieved through the expression of dance. Dance is a universal language that does not discriminate, as it is with the hope that it creates an encouraging home learning environment for all children.

Kidz Crew is an online dance portal designed by teachers for primary school children aged 5 to 12 years and is free when the NSW Creative Kids Voucher is redeemed.

It consists of bite-size pre-recorded choreography aimed towards children of beginner to moderate skill levels to increase fine and gross motor development while mirroring the instructor. Kidz Crew can be accessed at any time of day.

The program is specifically designed for Creative Arts K-6 NSW Syllabus for Dance - Stages 1, 2, and 3. The portal enables children to have the ability to perform, compose their own, and appreciate hip-hop dance while completing 4 dance routines to music.

It allows children to build their self-confidence, as each class is a progression of the previous class, and children can learn at their own pace.

Take advantage of our right to exercise outdoors whether with your family or with one other friend, while maintaining 2 metre distancing rule and enjoy the amazing whether we have been presented with during this unpresented period in history.


  1. Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines and the Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines

https://www.healthdirect.gov.au/benefits-of-physical-activity-for-children [Date accessed 30.03.2020]


Author – Adam Holding

PT National Learning Support