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  • Mobility Learning – Understanding the Agile Learning Environment
By Eric Said – Director of Learning PT National
on Sunday, 15 November 2015
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Just like the human body, mobility is what makes us functional and performs tasks.

At PT National, a functional and innovative learning environment was paramount to its design brief and educational philosophy.

With changing demands on fitness professionals in having to keep up the ever-evolving fitness industry and to develop a wide range of skill sets we believe our campus must be an extension of this as our graduates must become flexible, innovative, inspiring, and knowledgeable problem solvers.


We don’t train our clients sitting at desks with a textbook so why would we train our learners that way in our classroom? 

Movement is a key cognitive feature to learning and it’s what we do here at PT National.


Our LIVE.LEARN.FITNESS® model is built upon the premise that a learner will commit to:

  • Live a life of fitness
  • Learn the values of fitness
  • Become Australia’s Fitness Ambassadors®


Our campus is an agile learning space.  It was designed so that it can change at any time for any learner.  Our learners and educators come to the Fitness Embassy® each day to learn so we made it a place you’re excited to visit. We want it to be movable, just like we do as humans. 


Everything in the space is a learning tool; you can sit on it, climb it, jump on it, carry it, study with it and have fun using it.  We allow our learners to become creative problem solvers and use equipment in a new light, maximise its potential, make it functional and adapt it to the needs of their future clients.


The advantages of agile learning spaces:

  • Innovative learning
  • Can be adapted to meet the individual needs of the session
  • Allows the environment to adapt to our needs which is an uncommon feature
  • Responsiveness of an education setting
  • Reminds us that learning can be fun as well as functional
  • Allows us as Educators to teach the learners to utilise resources in efficient ways and reduce the cost to our environment’s resources


But it’s not what you do but how you do it!  Our campus is not about the learning tools on campus but more importantly the teaching that supports it.


Our educators have extensive teaching professional development to extract the most out of our learners.

The strength of fitness professionals is by asking the right questions. PT National’s educators are not permitted to give learners the answer, we believe that there are multiple solutions to any problem or project we face with our clients.  Our model is to develop new learning habits to seek the right information, apply it to meet the individual needs of our clients, and reflect on the learning process.


Truly understanding the learner of today, the challenges they face is a crucial step in designing curriculum and an agile learning college that is current and adds value to our learners.  Our PT National educator’s work in industry, face the same challenges that our graduates will face and we understand the need to be flexible, passionate, and innovative fitness professionals to prosper within the current and future fitness setting. 


To be effective learners they must develop professional relationships amongst the inner circle of peers, work alongside allied health and network with other fitness professionals with common goals.


You can never plan enough, through extensive research, planning and application we believe we have rekindled the excitement to learn with our innovative learning space at the College.  Please come and visit the College campus ‘agile learning space’ located inside the Fitness Embassy space anytime, as we give this to you with the vision that our graduates will truly become Australia’s Fitness Ambassadors®.


For more information on the Agile Learning Space at the College or the courses PT National offers utilising such an innovative learning environment, visit www.ptnational.edu.au