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By Author – Eric Said, Leader of Learning PT National, Wellness Ambassador
on Friday, 1 March 2019
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I recently ran a workshop for the college at PT National that I believe was of great importance. It focussed on customer adherence and how to maintain a healthy clientele base by outlining the key elements a personal trainer must consider if they aspire in becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur within the current and emerging markets.

By design, an algorithm is a set of guidelines that describe how to perform a task. Even though this term is closely aligned with mathematics of the 17th Century and computer science, its methodology can be applied to developing the right formula you need to excel in your field and run a positive and  influential fitness business no matter what the economic climate presented.

First and foremost we need to discover, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur? We tend to associate the term within the business environment, however, from its French origins, an entrepreneur simply means to manage and lead people.

Therefore, we must remind ourselves as entrepreneurs that our primary purpose is to lead others, which in turn will lead your fitness business, and healthy financials will then soon follow.

With over 60K hours of client contact sessions I recognise the fundamental pieces of code that are synonymous with managing a successful fitness business since its inception 12 years ago. I can proudly acknowledge that my foundation members have remained with me for the duration of this time.

In the presentation I outlined the two (2) fundamental aspects impacting the fitness business including the Transactional (tangible) versus the Transformational (intangible) forms of management.

The transactional features include the white and blue hats including payment systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, booking appointments, payment systems, emails, SMS, phone, leasing agreements, book keeping, financials, confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions. They are designed to be objective, non-emotional aspects that lean towards the intelligent design of the business or IQ.

Transformational business on the other hand include the green, yellow, black and red hats, and focusses a trainers attention to the feelings and emotions associated with the service received by your customer. They will not be able to explain but rather trust and feel nurtured that this is the right place for them to achieve the goals they desire.

Enablers of a positive transformational experience will ensure that Wellbeing is received. This requires the fitness entrepreneur to develop the systems to achieve the four (4) domains of Wellness including:-

  1. DNA and culture of the fitness brand shared with the community
  2. Environment including the look, feel, cleanliness and flow of the space and equipment during each training session
  3. Leadership, knowledge, experience, and management of the team for client-driven customer service
  4. Body, as the primary focus defining why the community seek your support and the services you deliver.

Now you are on your way to developing the foundations of your PT algorithm. You must consider and develop the systems within each phase of the customer service channels. For example, what would you like your potential customer to experience during a customer enquiry? This may include; discovering a client’s moving towards goals versus their moving away from goals, and are they carrying an optimistic or pessimistic culture to training.

Please remember that your potential client will judge you within 6 seconds over the phone and 3 seconds in person. Do not underestimate the importance of the initial mode/s of contact and customer feedback is always welcomed.

During your initial consultation clarify with your team how you would like the business brand to be presented to customers, as your clients are fundamentally your employer during each training session.

We all agreed that language is perhaps the one fundamental way to demonstrate brand and professional conduct, as well as demonstrate confidence as a trainer to ensure that exercise adherence is achieved. Language has the ability to empower or disempower clients and how mantras can be a useful tool to enable clients to maintain conscious flow in their lives to further support them in achieving their health and fitness goals.

Examples of powerful mantras that are specific and personal to clients I have trained include:-

  • Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ……….give up
  • No more pasta
  • Do it consciously for it to be done unconsciously
  • No more complacency
  • Exercise is my medicine

Environment is a pillar to a fitness business algorithm that must be carefully investigated. Environmental factors may include:-

  • Location of gym or fitness facility
  • Demographic of clients including age, gender, health, training age, biological age, disease
  • Price point of services, financial position and disposable income of members
  • Time and duration of each training session
  • Level of skill required and equipment use
  • Parking, music, lighting, disability access, cleanliness, rest room facilities
  • Client confidentiality and storage of data/programs
  • Quality and experience of personal trainers

I expressed that lifestyle comes with a social responsibility as a personal trainer that should not be taken light heartedly. We are supporting clients with changes including behavioural and emotional, physical and physiological, and we have a corporate social responsibility (CSR) to lead by example. This is what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s fitness space and it became a message central to the content presented between the learners.

Be mindful of your professional and personal presentation within and beyond the workplace environment, this includes how you wear your uniform, brand and logo.

Fitness entrepreneurship is a welcomed choice. Take time to reflect on discovering ‘why’ you selected a career within the fitness industry within Australia. Whether it is your passion for working with people, love of sport, or a need to help others in need, they all form part of your PT algorithm of unbreakable code.


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Author – Eric Said

Leader of Learning PT National

Wellness Ambassador