By Janine Cameron - Careers Consultant
on Thursday, 5 November 2020
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Fitness with a Cause

Fundraising for charity through fitness has become increasingly popular since the days of jump rope for heart in Australia or the City2Surf. This is because charity and challenge are synonymous with each other.

The pain of exercise for a cause is a small way that participants get a feel of what it is like to endure a small amount of pain that can help us empathise what others may be going through with their daily struggles.


Whether it is The Push Up Challenge to raise awareness and money for youth mental health, or Burpees4Boobs for Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation, or the MS Sydney to Gong Ride, they all rely on community involvement with a touch or social media to follow. Fundraising campaigns are a great way to educate club members on health initiatives within the community, and they are usually closely linked to a personal story that comes from within your facility.


Ideas include team involvement challenges such as jog-a-thons, marathons on treadmills competing against teams, total reps raises money campaigns, selling merchandise, or raffles for reps, inviting guest speakers, annual seasonal events, and costumed themes are always great for gym culture.


Crowd funding online platforms are a safe and secure way to raise money. Non-for profit registered organisations will have their own online websites and Apps that ensure the security and safety or transactions for your members.


Author – Janine Cameron

Careers Consultant – PT National