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  • My Journey in the Fitness Industry – A PT National Educator Testimony
By Adam Holding, Trainer & Assessor and Owner & Head Trainer of Momentum Personal Training
on Sunday, 15 November 2015
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I began my career in the fitness industry back in 2011, finishing my courses for Certificate III and IV in fitness as well as a Certificate IV in massage therapy practice. Initially I felt lost and didn’t know where to start. There were so many different options; should I start my own business and build clients myself, should I apply at gyms or health clubs or 24 hr gym chains or should I try and start a group fitness/ group training business. I didn’t even know if I should start with Personal Training or if I wanted to try and start with massage therapy, and the treatment/rehabilitation side of fitness.

I applied for a few jobs and had various interviews and was even offered a few different of these jobs. There were a variety of reasons I didn’t go with any of these options, and it was when I realised that they didn’t suit what I wanted to do that I decided to start my own business.

At first it was pretty good, I had a few clients who were friends and family, as well as a couple of people who had found me through social media and online ads that I had created. It was going well as I was able to choose who I wanted to work with and what times suited me. I was also able to start doing both personal training and massage therapy under the same business which meant I got to start gaining experience in both industries.

It was only a few months after this that I got stuck. I wasn’t working enough in the industry to quit my part time job carried on from high school, and I didn’t know what I needed to do to continue growing the business. This was where the biggest change happened. I was recommended to have a chat with a family friend’s personal trainer, Eric, who later became my mentor.

It was with Eric’s help that I was able to really start learning how to work in the Fitness industry. He helped me with creating all the essential paperwork for sign up forms, pre exercises questionaries, helping me with sales, outreach, client retention as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience of all things personal training and massage therapy related.  With his help we started up an outdoor training business with regular clients of all age groups, training at a local park twice a week. We have had great success with this, with it running for over 3 years now.

In my very brief insight into the Personal Training and fitness industry I have already see many changes occurring. Some of these include the changing dynamic of how people training and what they do for exercises. There is a large variety of training systems which have started up since I began my Career. Some of these include; CrossFit, F45, the shift from traditional gym equipment to more functional exercise, an increase in body weight training programs and an increase in the number of people willing to pay for one on one personal training services.

This growing trend in structured Trainer driven exercise is good news for the large amount of people starting to graduate and start their career in the fitness industry. This allows them a wide choice of training styles and target groups, they can now train people however they see most appropriate, without having to fit into set “exercise Norms”.

The Government is also helping with specialised programs to help reduce the strain on the medical sector. They are implementing more programs to help those with chronic conditions to better understand prevention rather than treatment as a long term solution. These include things such as EPC sessions allocated yearly, diabetes programs and much more. With Australia’s obesity percentage just pushing past 35% of the population we need to change how people live their lives and make some positive health and exercise changes.

This percentage in 1995 was only 18%. It has increased over 17% in only 20 years. If we don’t make changes soon this figure will continue to grow and Australians will become more and more unhealthy and obese.

This is where we need better qualified Trainers to help with the increased demand for Personal Training and it can be seen that the government has recognised the old training packages were not delivering the results needed. They have become more selective in who can train the next generation of instructors and personal trainers. This improvement in the Education side of the fitness industry will improve the knowledge of all new trainers and instructors so as to better help those who need our guidance.

Together we can begin to change how Australians exercise and achieve their fitness goals. I would encourage anyone who is searching for that ‘something’ in their career to think seriously about a career in fitness. It’s a fulfilling, worthwhile career where you can make a significant and positive impact on another person.

Look at the courses on offer at PT National, Starting with a Certificate III in Fitness which will give you the foundation into creating your own fitness career. See www.ptnational.edu.au for information.