By Janine Cameron – Student Liaison Officer
on Sunday, 20 November 2016
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At PT National we liaise with numerous fitness centres and club managers who approach us for graduates who are recognised as “like-minded” proficient fitness professionals.  This level of support we offer and networking with industry is our way of remaining current to the demands of trainers in a climate of fitness innovation and development.


The exceptional fitness professional is the person who understands that hard skills can be learned and further developed through experience, education and mentorship.  This includes developing your toolbox as a personal trainer in the areas of correct exercise demonstration, prescription and programming to meet the needs of clients.  Hard skills are usually tangible, recognised as competencies and outcome driven with an ability to demonstrate.

These essential skills sets are expected and must be utilised each and every day in the workplace.


The will must be greater than the skill – Muhammad Ali

However, in order to become a successful applicant when applying for employment within the current fitness industry you must demonstrate a collection of soft skills that club managers are looking for. 

Soft skills fall under the category of “talents” which too can be nurtured and further developed.  At PT National we exercise, “when your five minutes early, you’re 10 minutes late”.  The classic ability to turn up to an interview or appointment early is a way of demonstrating that you are keen, professional and respect the value of time in today’s time-poor society.


Other examples of soft skills when in a job interview may include:

  • Appropriateness of strength of hand shake when greeting
  • Selection of where to sit when entering a room
  • Eye contact with all members in the room
  • Body language and posture when seated
  • Voice intonation and volume


The ability to connect and create professional intimacy during an interview is paramount to becoming employed and making your mark within the fitness industry.  This can be further challenged if you have appointment with a club manager at a café for a meet and greet.  With a great deal of distraction and noise it can be more challenging to create and maintain this level of connectedness.  Ask yourself, could you maintain focus and connection with that person if the waiter dropped a glass by your side?  


Never stop learning – Albert Einstein

In an event where you are not the successful applicant it is important to value the experience, and take a moment to critically evaluate the soft skills they may have been seeking.


Another way to understand the value of soft skills is to simply practice what you preach.  The way you live out your mission to help the lives of others through your talents will be your advertising board for employers to enthusiastically ask you to join their team.


Everything you need is already inside – Bill Bowerman

The ability to stop and reflect on who you are, where your talents lay within and how you can share that with the world is your contribution to your clients.  Fitness is simply the medium in which you have chosen to execute this through.  Rather than seeking what others have, nurture and become proficient on what strengths you already have.


Soft skills that you may have that tend to go unnoticed may include:

  • The power of a smile
  • Saying “hello” to a club member on passing
  • Professionally dressed and appearance
  • The place and power of silence in the company of others
  • Demonstrate that you are listening by re-iterating the key themes in what others are saying
  • To remain focused and mindful despite noise and distractions around you


Celebrate and nurture your talents and positively influence the lives of others!