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  • 3 Home-fitness disruptive technologies you must know about – Tech Review
By Eric Said Fitness Entrepreneur/Educator
on Wednesday, 18 September 2019
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I am always intrigued by new technology with a passion for innovation and this coupled with fitness is a space I am very interested in. We experienced innovation 2.0 of fitness wearables and smart tracking devices since the introduction of Fitbit, Apple Watch, and Garmin GPS.

We now have the rise of three (3) amazing products reaching people’s homes and leading fitness experiences.

With time-poor families and the need to fight the traffic to reach the gym or fitness centre makes it a logical argument of why not train in the comfort of your own home?


MirrorThe future is at your place – is an interactive Internet of Things (IOT) platform that is installed onto your wall, allowing you to follow instructional training programs, while watching your own technique in the devices reflection. You have the ability to link your heart rate monitor or Apple Watch to review your progress, as well as train within your fitness community in real-time.

Check it out at www.mirror.co












TonalThe World’s most intelligent fitness system ­– is the next level home fitness piece that measures your reps and sets with the ability to use pulley-based resistance using the functional arms, allowing the home fitness enthusiast to exercise using traditional movements including cable flys, presses and rows.

Check it out at www.tonal.com














PelotonLive and on-demand fitness comes home – is the final leading technology start-up uniquely bringing live studio fitness instructors to your home via cycle, treadmill, or mobile app. This high-end technology company brings cardiovascular training, resistance equipment, and fitness coaches into one complete platform.

Check it out at www.onepeloton.com









All products are currently in the United States, Canada and Germany, and are sure to reach Australia shortly. They accompany at 30-day return and 3 year Limited Warranty.


This article is to highlight that fitness too continues to innovate at a rapid rate Industrial Revolution 4.0 is amongst us and these products raise awareness that fitness industries must stay a breadth with change.

For the fitness professional; our unique skills and talents that we deliver to our clients are face to face human experiences and professional relationships that drive culture. Please be mindful that the target consumer market of these fitness platforms are very defined to self-motivated, time-poor, guidance-seeking where exercise adherence is not questioned. Invest further in your ability to nurture your clients with high quality professional services and your career will undoubtably continue to prosper. 


Author – Eric Said

Fitness Entrepreneur/Educator